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New-Grad Notes - March 2008

    ISSUE 5
Welcome to your latest issue of New-Grad Notes!

It has been almost a year since you have graduated from nursing school. New-Grad Notes congratulates you on reaching this milestone! This issue is full of useful nurse articles and resources that will help as you continue to transition from new-grad to seasoned professional. We hope you enjoy your latest issue.

Four Ways to Enhance Your Career Right Now

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor

With almost a year of nursing under your belt, how do you now stay current of all that is going on in the nursing profession today? Here are four quick ways!

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Creating Strategies for a Successful Long-Term Career

By E'Louise Ondash, RN

A 32-year veteran of the nursing profession shares advice with student nurses and new grads on how to balance your academic, professional and personal lives, and create a career that will last!

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How to Communicate Effectively

By Christina Orlovsky, contributor

Communication is critical to success in many industries, and nursing is no exception. In fact, nurse communication is often the very glue that holds the profession—and the safety of the patients cared for by nursing professionals—together.

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Traveler Winters in Sunny Spot

By Debra Wood, RN, contributor

For med-surg nurse Jaime Walker, RN, travel nursing offered an opportunity to escape Michigan's harsh winters while exploring the country. She winters in Florida or Hawaii and summers in Virginia or Illinois. "My favorite part of traveling is I don't do snow," she said.
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Nurses Play Key Role in Nation's Top 100 Hospitals

By Amanda Sounart, associate editor

The 15th annual 100 Top Hospitals list was released this week by Thomson Healthcare, revealing some new additions to the list as well as some long-time recipients. These hospitals are recognized as "national benchmarks for success" in both patient care and financial growth.

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Safety Issues with Gel Hand Sanitizers

By Christina Orlovsky, senior writer

A 2005 study by the Children's Hospital in Boston compared illness rates across a study group of 292 families—half of them got hand sanitizers while the other half were given literature advising them of the benefits of frequent hand washing.

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Oncology Nurses on the Forefront of Cancer Care

Being able to make a tremendous difference in the lives of cancer patients, combined with being at the forefront of exciting new scientific discoveries, is what new oncology nurses can expect if they choose this profession.

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