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Flight Nurse

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A flight nurse works with emergency and non-emergency air/surface transport of sick and injured patients.

This includes interfacility transport as well as emergency "scene calls" for trauma and other medical emergencies.

A flight nurse must be able to work with a high-level of acuity and with a diverse patient population. It is also physically demanding, yet many mundane, routine tasks must be performed during "down" times.

Essential skills include three to five years of critical experience as well as excellent physical conditioning, and strong interpersonal/communication skills.

Educational requirements include an RN with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification [ACLS] and Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification [PALS]. Additional training and certification is often required; licensure and certifications must be kept current.

Flight nurses are employed by trauma centers and other acute care facilities, public and private transport companies and the military.

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