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Finished Nursing School, Now What?

It’s that feeling
you have when you are on summer break: “What do I do now?”  After months of studying and cramming, your
body and brain now have to adjust to your new normal. Do you fill this space with more studying for
the next step, or do you allow yourself this break to spend time with family
and friends and have a little “me” time?  

Whether you

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5 Ways to Stay Organized in Nursing School

1. Use a daily planner or calendar to track assignments, projects and class times.
2. Designate a specific area at home just for studying and nursing school work.
3. Join a study group with other nursing students in your classes.
4. Develop a network of mentors and nurse friends to support you.
5. Create a detailed study schedule before a big exam.

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NCLEX Exam Prep

You are the chief nurse executive of an academic health center. The center does not have a philosophy of nursing and you decide to develop one. In which way will a philosophy of nursing assist your organization?

  •  It will address how nursing contributes to the overall mission of the organization.
  •  It will guide negotiations with the nurses' union.
  •  It will provide tuition reimbursement for nursing staff.
  •  It will assist you in developing marketing materials for the organization.


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