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Salary Survey Highlights Pay by Region 

By Christina Orlovsky, senior writer 

Career contentment can be based on many factors, financial gain included. But money alone isn't everything-quality of life must also be considered. A new survey highlights the best parts of the country for nurses to work.

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Next Stop: Nursing scans the latest medical and nursing journals to provide you with the most up-to-date clinical content available. 

Explaining the Decrease in U.S. Deaths from Coronary Disease 

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights the decline in coronary disease deaths between 1980 and 2000.

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Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation Reduces Cancer Risk 

A four-year study of more than 1,100 postmenopausal women found that supplementation with vitamin D and calcium may serve as a valuable cancer prevention method.

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Clinical Flash: The Difference between Rapid Acting and Short Acting Insulin 

By Robin Varela, RN, BSN, contributor  

For years, short acting "regular" insulin was the fastest acting insulin available for patients. Now enter rapid acting insulin.

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Program Gives Students a Jump Start into Health Care Careers 

By Christina Orlovsky, senior writer  

Recognizing that the students of today make up the health care workforce of tomorrow, Children's Medical Center, in Dallas, Texas, offers a summer employment program that exposes high school graduates and new collegians to the abundant opportunities available to them in a hospital setting.

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Campus Corner 

 Stephanie Thibeault, RN, BSN, answers your most pressing questions about nursing school and beyond.  

A reader asks: Could you please give me some suggestions on how to study for a nursing test?

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Difficulty in breathing, often associated with lung or heart disease and resulting in shortness of breath. 



Critical Care Nursing 

Debbie Brinker, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, the 2005-2006 president of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), offers nursing students insight into the critical care specialty.

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Each month, Next Stop: Nursing features sample questions from the NCLEX-RN, provided by our partner The College Network. 

Question: A nurse who is preparing to give morning care to the assigned patients makes all of the following observations. Which observation should be reported immediately? 

A. A patient who was cheerful one hour ago is now irritable and refuses morning care.
B. A patient who was quiet and pale when admitted the evening before is now flushed and talking rapidly.
C. A patient who was talking with the nurse one half hour earlier has become quiet and cannot be aroused.
D. A patient whose temperature was normal earlier in the morning feels warm to the touch and does not eat the breakfast. 

Question: A client is receiving an IV aminoglycoside. The client is to be monitored for side effects, which are most likely to include problems with: 

A. Prothrombin or platelets.
B. Chest pain or dyspnea.
C. Hearing or balance.
D. Sneezing or rhinitis. 


 Patti Lisk, MS, RN, a doctor of arts in community college education (DACCE) and professor of nursing at Germanna Community College in Locust Grove, Virginia, was honored in February by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia with its prestigious Outstanding Faculty Award, the state's highest honor for faculty. Lisk was recognized for her commitment to advancing the nursing profession through the use of technology, exemplified by her role in adopting PDAs in her nursing program's clinical and lab settings, her advocacy for online education and her implementation of virtual learning and clinical simulators.

Lisk humbly acknowledged that the award is not the result of her work alone. 

"The award is not only an honor for me but one for our nursing department and profession as well," she said. "Nurses rarely accomplish their goals in isolation and such is the case with this award. Many individuals have worked with me on the various accomplishments and projects highlighted in the award. I hope that winning this award calls attention to nursing and some of the technologic advances nursing has made in the educational realm." 

Lisk also expressed her sentiments toward the teaching profession and offered words of encouragement for nursing students facing their future. 

"Many individuals enter nursing with the dream of making a difference in people's lives," she said. "As faculty members this opportunity is multiplied. Not only are faculty members able to make differences in the lives of patients but they also make a difference in the lives of their students." 

To students, Lisk offered clear-cut words of wisdom: "Never give up, persevere even when the tough times come-and in nursing they often do," she said. "Remember always to dream, and when you do, dream big. Your dreams can become your goals and your goals your realities." 

To nominate an exceptional nursing faculty member from your school, please send an e-mail with your name, the faculty member's name, your school and the reasons for your nomination to


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