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Travelers and Pets Enjoy Life on the Road

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By Claire Brocato, feature writer

Marc and Leslie Beauchamp, both RNs, have the next couple of years all mapped out. They’ll spend the next few months in Tuscon, Arizona, possibly winter in New Mexico, then head off to Vermont, followed by several months in Maine. With each move, they’ll have jobs waiting for them at prestigious hospitals and deluxe housing provided by American Mobile Healthcare.

The couple, who met as staff nurses at a hospital in Illinois, decided to begin travel nursing a year after they got married.

"We are both very adventurous spirits," Marc explained. "So this was the perfect opportunity for us to see the country and to broaden our horizons."

With their labrador, Raisin, and cat, Linda, in tow, the couple set off on their first assignment to Salem, Oregon.

"We followed the Oregon Trail west from Illinois, which was a great way to start our travels," Marc said. "We spent six months in Salem and loved every minute of it. We both established lasting bonds with the patients and the staff there."

"We took our next assignment in Medford, Oregon and got to explore the mountains, the redwood forests, the freshwater lakes and the coast," he said. "In fact, we enjoyed our time in Oregon so much, we are considering retiring to the Northern Oregon coast one day."

The next stop on the map for the Beauchamps was the Napa valley in Northern California.

"American Mobile Healthcare arranged for us to stay in the most beautiful Victorian house, which was built around the turn of the century," Marc recalled. "It was absolutely gorgeous. The framework of the house consisted of a 70-foot base beam made from one redwood tree. We even had our own redwood tree in the yard, along with old elm trees, rose bushes and flower gardens. It was so beautiful, we wish we could have stayed there forever."

Marc and Leslie also enjoyed assignments in San Diego and Phoenix, before heading on to their current positions at a major hospital in Tucson, Arizona.

"At every step along the way, our recruiter has been absolutely incredible. She deserves a gold star," Leslie said. "She has always found us the most wonderful pet-friendly accommodation and helped us with everything we’ve needed."

"Our two years of travel nursing has been an incredibly rewarding experience," Leslie continued. "There are very few jobs that allow you to travel the country together like we do, and to have so much fun along the way. We both love this lifestyle and can definitely see ourselves working as travel nurses for several more years."

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