Pay & Benefits for Travel Nursing

As a traveling nurse, you receive some of the best benefits in the industry, sometimes even better than nurses working in full-time, permanent positions. Benefits packages vary, however, so do some research and check with a recruiter to find out the exact package and options offered by a particular travel nursing company.

More Take Home Pay

Travel nurses receive more take home pay with our partner companies. Travelers on assignment with our partner travel nurse staffing agencies will now receive a take home pay rate that includes a daily allowance for meals and incidentals. Travel nurses are usually guaranteed a minimum number of hours for every assignment, as well, which can include overtime pay rates.

Cash bonuses

Some assignments offer sign-on bonuses or special completion bonuses, which are paid in a lump sum once you complete your assignment. The best travel companies also offer bonuses when you refer a colleague. You're paid as soon as your "referred" traveler completes his or her first assignment.

Free housing

The top travel nursing companies offer free, private, furnished housing, and arrange and pay for your utilities. NurseZone's travel partners offer free, private, quality housing to travelers nationwide.

Medical, dental and basic life insurance

The top staffing companies provide comprehensive medical, dental and basic life insurance premiums. Our travel partners offer you a choice of plans so you can select the one that works best for you.

Retirement plans

The best travel nursing companies also offer 401(k) retirement plans, some with instant eligibility.

Tax-free travel reimbursement

Travel nursing companies normally reimburse you for travel costs, including the mileage costs to and from an assignment.

Relocation assistance

When you're ready to travel, your staffing company should provide you with information about your destination, the facility where you'll be working and all the preparations you'll need to take care of before you move.

Discount programs

Some companies offer discount programs with special rates for cell phones, pagers, luggage, health club memberships, and more.


If you would like more information on the pay and benefits of travel nursing, please contact one of our partners below: provides you with information you need to know about travel nursing, including the pay and benefits you can expect. Visit our travel partners to find out more.